Il Vinaio

First Commercially Licensed Photo

Il Vinaio

For those that don’t already know the story the title of this blog post doesn’t make as much sense as it does to those who do. In the spring of 2009 a photo of Bridal Veil falls from our 2008 family vacation was published in a travel guide. Having just rediscovered photography in the spring of 2008 I was beyond excited to have gotten a photo published already.

During that most wonderful of vacations we were equipped with two DSLR’s. The wife and I each had one. The photo in question had come from my camera, thus I assumed I had taken said photo. It wasn’t until after the photo was published and the wife and I were going through vacation photos that I realized she had taken the photo while hanging out the passenger window of the car as I drove. Go figure, as usual the woman behind the man is truly where the greatness lies.

While I have had my photos used elsewhere on the web, I feel that this one is truly my first accomplishment in achieving a higher level of success as a photographer. For a businessman to express interest in one of my photos and find it worthy of using for commercial purposes marks a milestone for me. Cheers to Cameron and Cindy (who allowed the photo in the first place) at Il Vinaio for not only having an excellent restaurant with fabulous food but for having equally good taste in photography ; )


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