Rice to the Rescue

Yet Another Photo not Taken with the Tour

What is it?

Rice to the Rescue

Rice to the Rescue

Hmmm.  Well it’s inside a sandwich bag with what appear to be a bunch of dead maggots.  Whatever it is, it must be pretty bad to kill all those maggots.

This makes two posts in a row that include photos not taken with the Blackberry Tour.  The whole point of this blog was the postings to be done on the Tour, including photos.

It’s not for a lack of trying.  Friday night I attempted to post from the Tour but all of a sudden blogger.com doesn’t recognize my phone even though I’ve posted from it before.  Oh bother.

Anyway, if you haven’t figured it out by now, that’s the back side of the Tour itself enjoying a nice rice bath for the day.  I just happened across this post on the Make blog earlier today suprisingly finding myself in need of just such advice.

Thanks Geek Squad

Thanks Geek Squad

I knew to do this using dessicant bags but hadn’t ever thought about using rice when I’m out of dessicant.  Well, today my cluts of a 12 year old son managed to dump a 40 ounce cup of water onto the Tour.  “Don’t worry Dad,” he said, “your phone isn’t wet,” as he went about cleaning up the water.  A couple of minutes later I reached for my Tour and much to my surprise it was completely soaked.  After a quick and fruitless search for dessicant it was rice to the rescue.


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