Railroad Crane in HDR

So many photos, so little time; Your legal rights as a photographer

After another great photography outing I’m realizing just how far behind I am getting on post processing. 437 photos at Cruisin’ on Main St. Saturday night, 234 at Tuesday night’s orchestra concert, 283 at the Arizona Railway Museum a couple weeks ago. I either need to shoot less or process more. Maybe it’s time to start using .jpg’s from the camera? Alright, so the former is clearly not going to happen. I enjoy shooting too much and refuse to give up the hope that some day I will manage to process all of the photos I’ve taken (well, the ones worth processing that is).

Enjoy another HDR rendition from the Arizona Railway Museum. I posted a couple from the May Cruisin’ on Main St. event to flickr. Now, to get to those orchestra pictures…there are a few parents waiting on them. In an ideal world it would be a snap to get through all of them and have the best processed and posted immediately. But, in this world I process what I can and hold out hope for the rest. I’ve processed enough today to make my arm go numb a couple of times so I’m calling it quits for the night.

Railroad Crane in HDR

Need a lift?

If you are into photography (including snapshots of your family) this article and it’s referenced articles are well worth the read. It’s enlightening for those who may not be aware of the legal protections they have as they photograph in public.


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