Squatter's Rights

SquatterAlright, so this post really has absolutely nothing to do with anything, but hey, that’s how things have been going lately.  I still have far more photos in the queu awaiting processing than I have time to process and haven’t been out shooting since May.  Alas, the problem with having a day job.  Anyway, here’s a little fun I had to take a break from processing some photos that didn’t turn out how I was expecting.  I tweaked the curves beyond belief, converted to black & white, added a little film grain, tweaked things a little more for a vintage look and viola, here you have it.  Squatter’s rights was captured at the May 2010 Cruisin’ on Main St. event.  It was the lowest VW I’ve seen in some time.  It was a very sharp car.  Some day maybe I’ll get the other pictures I have of this car processed and posted.

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