Top o' the Rim

124 Seconds

Top o' the RimWell, my hopes for getting some great shots with my DIY ND-10 filter fell through thanks to a little assistance from Mother Nature. I was sitting at the very edge of the Mogollon Rim trying to get some shots of a storm moving off of the rim down into the valley below. While looking into the viewfinder to compose a shot I saw a flash of light in my peripheral vision to the north. It seems like I felt the shock wave before I heard the sound of that bolt of lightning. Needless to say I took it as a sign to get my butt away from the edge. Sure enough, as soon as I started packing all my gear the skies opened. I enjoyed a pleasurable ride back to camp in a nice steady rain. Happily it didn’t really start to downpour until I got back in camp and was able to toss the gear safely into the car. Of course, once there another lightning bolt struck about 75 yards away shearing the top of a tree. Definitely glad I was back at camp an not still out on the edge of the rim. I’m sure a close enough strike would have catapulted me right over the edge. This is all I was able to capture. It’s a start. Hopefully I’ll get time to play around with the filter in the near future. For now, enjoy.

DIY ND-10 filter


DIY ND-10 filter

10mm - Love the Sigma ultra wide!

Playing with a DIY 10 stop neutral density filter made from a $1.17 piece of welding glass acquired at Harbor Freight. I got there just in time, the glass was on clearance and nearly all gone. I grabbed two just in case. As you can tell a little light got in from the edge of the glass so I will wrap some vacuum tubing or whatever I have in the garage around it to prevent unwanted light from entering. I’m looking forward to a few opportunities to try it out this weekend hopefully with some good results to post next week. Great way to start playing with ND filters as I’ve wanted a set for a long time but other priorities have consumed the cash. RAW and black and white conversion done in UFRaw, curves adjustment and resizing in Gimp. I also did a 60 second test exposure but there wasn’t enough movement in the clouds for my taste.