DIY ND-10 filter


DIY ND-10 filter

10mm - Love the Sigma ultra wide!

Playing with a DIY 10 stop neutral density filter made from a $1.17 piece of welding glass acquired at Harbor Freight. I got there just in time, the glass was on clearance and nearly all gone. I grabbed two just in case. As you can tell a little light got in from the edge of the glass so I will wrap some vacuum tubing or whatever I have in the garage around it to prevent unwanted light from entering. I’m looking forward to a few opportunities to try it out this weekend hopefully with some good results to post next week. Great way to start playing with ND filters as I’ve wanted a set for a long time but other priorities have consumed the cash. RAW and black and white conversion done in UFRaw, curves adjustment and resizing in Gimp. I also did a 60 second test exposure but there wasn’t enough movement in the clouds for my taste.


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