Majestic Buddy

On break – the day job can be demanding

Returned from Victoria, BC with few photos in hand. I spent most of my time doing my day job but when I was able to escape from that I just played tourist and enjoyed the wonderful weather. What a spectacular place Victoria is! Would love to return some day for pleasure instead of work so I can truly take it all in.

The wife surprised me with an iPad which I have been enjoying quite a bit. I probably don’t think as highly of it as most reviewers but I’ve found that I read and write a lot more with it.

On a bit of a photography break as the day job has been quite demanding lately not allowing me the time for photography I would like. Add to that some technical issues with hard drives and it turned into a forced hiatus from post processing for a bit. I did squeeze in a basketball tournament and concert shoot though so what little time I’ve had was devoted to processing the 2000 photos taken between those two events.

The day job should become a little less demanding after this coming week so I’m looking forward to getting some time for photography again. In the mean time I’ll continue taking the iPad for a spin and who knows, maybe I’ll write my own review of it in the future (not all reviews of Apple products should be written by fanboys).
Majestic Buddy


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