Victoria Clipper

A Glimpse into Victoria

Victoria Clipper

First class transportation from Seattle to Victoria

One week in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada is not enough. I don’t know how much time would be but one week certainly doesn’t give a person the time to get more than a glimpse of the beautiful city and what she has to offer.

The weather was spectacular all week, only one sunny day the others cloudy or raining. My kind of place. Transport on board the Victoria Clipper IV across Puget Sound and the Strait of Juan de Fuca was first class, albeit slow. Thirty knots is not what I would consider speed, but it’s a great time to relax and enjoy the ride.


Communications - but no free wi-fi

I love cities that are designed for pedestrian traffic. Downtown Victoria is a splendid example of a pedestrian friendly city. Even after a week of walking around I was still not use to the fact that if a pedestrian even so much as looks at a cross walk vehicular traffic comes to an immediate halt.

The Victoria Clipper IV had flat screen monitors positioned about the cabin where one could watch a real time track of our progress across the waters. While the overcast conditions kept me from seeing much it was nice to be able to identify the occasional glimpse of land as it passed by.

It’s hard to believe I spent a week in Victoria and took very few pictures, not for the lack of opportunities but for the lack of the proper mindset. When I was escaping the day job I was enjoying the environment, the weather, and the company. I did manage to snap a few photos which will come in time. I promised a glimpse of Victoria so here it is. Just a teaser for now.

Parliament at Night - British Columbia

Parliament at Night - Victoria, British Columbia


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