Darth Violinader

Returning Home

Yep, I’ve skipped right over the few photographs I took in Victoria and brought you right back to the states. Well, that’s about how short the trip seemed to me. Returning to Seattle via the Clipper fairy on an overcast day (is there any other kind in the Pacific Northwest?).
Seattle Skyline
But don’t worry, the force was with me, or so said Darth Vader when I last saw him in Victoria.

Darth Violinader

Darth Violinader

I want to leave you with a few things to read and ponder. An excellent article about the Joy of Photographing People by Jeff Wignall via Black Star Rising. Fountain pen over on sideblog. The origins of good ideas via WSJ. Lastly, I leave you with a simple but powerful image: Tree of the Doomed. Until next time, may the force be with you.


One comment

  1. Wedge · February 2, 2011

    I think that picture is great and that is a great on the spot photo. I my self happen to be great violinist.

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