Moonrise over Bullhead City

Lost in Laughlin

The Edgewater

The Edgewater Hotel and Casino

I hadn’t been to Laughlin, NV in 15 years until this past weekend. Not much has changed, except the little casino town seems dirtier, dingier, and down right worn out. Maybe it’s just me, or, maybe Laughlin is indeed worn out. Not many people were in town and what I discovered as I walked across the casino floor was that I was likely the only person on the floor under the age of 65. The whole weekend was business except for a few fleeting moments spent standing in line at Terrible Herbst’s waiting for a woman who couldn’t decide what kind of cigarettes she wanted to buy. There were seven of us waiting impatiently in line behind her. I commented that it really didn’t matter which brand she chose since they were all going to kill her anyway. Imagine my surprise that I was the only person in line not buying cigarettes. This led to my observation back at the hotel that smokers give those one-armed bandits a much heartier workout. It was rather interesting to notice. Non-smokers very casually put their coins in and pulled on the handle. Smokers, on the other hand, fed the machine as fast as they could so they could take a drag from the ole cancer stick as they yanked on the handle. Fascinating. And enough time on the casino floor for me. If it weren’t for the fact that my hotel room was in the south tower and the conference center in the north tower I wouldn’t have had the chance to make this observation as I would have avoided the casino floor like the plague. Nothing to attract me there. Smoke, noise, unfriendly people. Nope, not my kind of place. A gentle stroll along the river as the sun set was just what the doctor ordered. Anyway, still far busier on non-photography stuff than I’d like to be, but gotta pay the bills somehow.

Moonrise over Bullhead City

Moonrise over Bullhead City


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