RZ 350

Fully Faired, Custom RZ350

RZ 350

Photo courtesy of Motorcycle Photo of the Day

From Motorcycle Picture of the Day Blog comes the most excellent RZ350 I have seen in decades. Who doesn’t like a fully faired RZ350? I haven’t seen one of these in such pristine condition in, well, over 20 years. Back when I was whooping on them with four-strokes. Now I’d trade my [insert appropriate family member here] for one. Or better yet an imported 500 two-stroke. Oh the days of the two-stroke. Magnificent days those were. Both in the dirt and on the street. To this day it makes me sick to my stomach when I think of the Kawasaki H2 my dad gave away. A man needs no more between his legs than three cylinders and 750cc of brute two-stroke horsepower!


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