Casualties of iPad Ownership

MagazinesWhile I don’t believe print media is dead it sure has taken a blow in my world. I am reading about ten times as much as I did prior to owning an iPad yet here sit my favorite magazines for the past couple of months untouched. Some haven’t even had the annoying subscription cards removed. I can’t help it. The iPad is such an absolutely amazing reading platform that I can’t help but do all of my recreational reading on it. It’s especially nice when reading late at night because I don’t need any lights on (although I do wish I could dim the iPad screen just a bit more). It doesn’t matter what position I’m sitting or lying in while reading, the iPad requires only one hand. While magazines are easily one hand readers books are a different story. While I’m not entirely sold on digital books the iPad is absolutely the best reading platform I’ve encountered yet. I love the fact that I can take as many books with me when I’m out and about as I want (which for me is a good thing since I’ve usually got 3 – 5 books going at any given time). Of course, I do have some digital books from older platforms that I can no longer access and that bothers me. Hence why I’m not entirely sold on digital books — yet.



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