Purple Flamed H2

Purple Flamed H2

There’s been a nice trend of two-strokes lately. Happy to see another magnificent looking H2 that looks like it gets ridden regularly. Thanks to Rocket Garage for this one (click through for more photos)!

Purple Flamed H2

Photo courtesy of Rocket Garage

Tricked out RD350

Black Beauty!

The most spectacular RZ350 I have seen since the ’80’s! Just look at those dreamy pipes and imagine that great twangy two-stroke zing resonating from them.

Tricked out RD350

Photo courtesy of Motorcycle Photo of the Day

Some might nice upgrades to this beauty. She must handle quite nice looking at all those suspension and braking modifications.

Thanks to Motorcycle Picture of the Day for the find.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!

Merry ChristmasI hope this finds everyone concluding another wonderful Christmas day spending time doing things they like with people they love; and if not then here’s to knowing that somewhere out there someone was thinking of you and wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

My Pummelvision Screenshot

Pummelvision Takes Off

Pummelvision is a fantastic service that takes your public photos from Facebook, Flickr, or Tumblr and creates a video of your photographic life from one of those sources. Below I have Pummelvisioned my photos from Flickr (review after the video).

My Pummelvision from JackAZ Photography on Vimeo.

Using the Pummelvision service couldn’t be simpler. Authorize access to your Facebook, Flickr, or Tumblr account so it can grab your photos and to either your Vimeo or Youtube account so it can post your video and you are done. Go do something exciting with your life. Pummelvision grabbed 298 photos from my Flickr stream and produced approximately 45 seconds of footage that it delivered to my Vimeo account 6-8 hours later. I know there will be some thinking that 6-8 hours is a long time for a simple video slideshow of less than 300 photos and an autogenerated soundtrack. I would normally agree, that yes, I can create my own in less time with control over transitions and the soundtrack, however, I spent that 6-8 hours reading and sleeping.

While I think Pummelvision is a really cool service and off to a pretty good start here’s what I think it needs to do in the near future (in order of priority):

  1. Allow Flickr users to select from one photo set rather than pulling all public photos from the entire photo stream.
  2. Add Picasa web albums integration. While I’m not a big fan of Picasa web albums I do use it for some purposes and creating videos from those photos would be more fun than from my Flickr photos. As with Flickr, the user should be able to choose a particular gallery rather than from the entire Picasa web album.
  3. Provide the user with a few soundtrack options as well as no soundtrack. I don’t think Pummelvision should provide a huge variety of soundtrack options but once single photo set functionality exists having the ability to pick, for example, a spooky soundtrack for a halloween photo set would be an outstanding feature (this is by far the least important thing on this list).

I really think Pummelvision is onto something here. I find the video created from my Flickr photos far more fun than a Flickr slideshow and a whole lot less work than creating the video or a standalone slideshow myself. With the right feature set this is a service I would be more than willing to pay for and I believe there are others who feel the same. Here’s to hopingPummelvision is a lasting service with continual improvements.