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The new blog is up and running and after more than a week of hard work I’m happy to say I’m going to relax and return to the day job Monday morning. Not that I haven’t been at it this past week, it’s just that now I can come home and relax rather than work on building the new blog. I will finally have time to focus on getting new posts up (you know, all those great ideas I’ve had in the past but didn’t do anything with). It sure has been a lot of fun and reminds me why I don’t have any of the cool cars I built over the years – the act of building is what brings me the most joy. Don’t worry, I’m not going to sell the blog now that the build is complete (let the bidding begin!) as I did with my cars. But it sure has taken me back to the days when I had the time and resources to tackle projects like building muscle cars and motorcycles and such and the absolute thrill that is the building process. So…now that’s it’s built what will I do next? Only time will tell. Maybe it’s time to get out and shoot some new photographs. Aside from a concert I shot at the end of November I haven’t really done any photography since my trip to Laughlin in October. Oh boy, have things been hectic. Happily the new year was ushered in under calmer conditions (not counting trying to bring this to life) and I look forward to keeping 2011 that way – not calm, just a different kind of hectic than 2010 was.

Here’s to a happy and great new year, may 2011 be your best year yet!


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