This months good turn, HeartsApart, originates in North Carolina yet has the potential to span the entire country. The purpose of HeartsApart is “to keep families connected while our military men and women are serving abroad.” Through HeartsApart, volunteer photographers provide soldiers about to be deployed with photographs of their spouses and children printed on durable waterproof cards designed to be easily carried in the pockets of military fatigues. I love the position HeartsApart takes as to the longevity of the project, “there is no end to the project—just a commitment to continue to serve our Armed Forces while they continue to serve us.” Check out the video below that I found thanks to fstoppers. If it doesn’t drive you to want to contribute in some way, well, I don’t know what to say about that, I’ll let you judge for yourself.

In order to continue to provide the wonderful service HeartsApart is providing to those serving abroad they are always in need of monetary donations. However, that is not the only thing HeartsApart is in need of. If you are a portrait photographer, makeup artist, hairstylist, or wardrobe stylist your services are needed to help make these photography sessions and resulting portraits as memorable as possible. HeartsApart isn’t just about providing these photographs to service men and women in North Carolina, they would love to expand their presence across the country to reach more military through more volunteer studios and photographers. Corporate sponsors, especially those of the clothing manufacturer kind, are sought after to provide a variety of props and outfits to enhance the photography experience. So click on over and offer up something HeartsApart can use to keep families close even when worlds apart.

HeartsApart, a wonderfully good cause providing a priceless benefit to those protecting our freedoms and representing us throughout the world.


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