Cruisin' Low

Cruisin' Lives On!

Cruisin’ on Main St. is alive and well and continues to draw many to the historic downtown Mesa area once a month to cruise, walk around, hang out with old friends and make new ones. There is plenty of parking just off of Main St. for those not driving hot rods and muscle cars leaving the street side parking for cars the crowds flock to see.

Cruisin' Low

Cruisin' Low

Cruisin’ on Main St. was the brain child of Lance Baker of Hot Rod Planet Promotions as a way of bringing people to downtown Mesa to help rejuvenate the area and of reviving the classic cruise. Lance was immensely successful in this endeavor and as any good parent would, has allowed his baby to walk on its own. Even without Lance promoting the event people continue to come and the cars continue to cruise. So if you haven’t participated in a good old fashion cruise then make your way to historic downtown Mesa on the fourth Saturday of the month and experience an American legacy. Oh, and don’t worry, it doesn’t matter what you drive, cruising is cruising and all the good people in attendance don’t care what anyone is cruising in. So load the family in the car and plan a night out on the town, downtown that is.

Family Cruisin'

Cruisin’ on Main St. is the only monthly rolling street cruise in Arizona. Focused around historic downtown Mesa, the monthly event brings back the nostalgia of cruising and takes you back to a time when hot rods, muscle cars, and hanging out were king. The cruise takes place the fourth Saturday every month providing lots of opportunity to enjoy cars, friends, and historic downtown Mesa between Country Club Dr. and Mesa Dr. For the photogs out there this event provides an opportunity to capture street photography images, static cars, and panning shots of those cruising Main St.



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