Art of the Motorcycle

Forget the garbage and drama spewed forth by the greedy likes of Orange County Choppers and enjoy a quick glimpse into the building of a real piece of motorcycle art. A piece of art that is meant to be ridden and enjoyed. While Orange County Choppers may be identified by the masses as the quintessential custom motorcycle builder, true motorcycle lovers acknowledge them as nothing more than an attention grabbing over-dramatic television series profiting from their new-found (and sadly misplaced) fame. Sure, Paul Jr. possesses some pretty good fabrication skills but so do a lot of people. Where OCC fails is at creating works of art. Yes, OCC builds custom motorcycles, but they are nothing more than props used in the never-ending commercialization of America, failing miserably at being anything that could be called art. The motorcycles produced by OCC are nothing more than cogs in a gigantic machine eagerly grabbing at anything that might make it a buck. At the opposite end of the spectrum I present you with two custom motorcycle builders who create art. Two builders who put their heart and soul into their creations.

Now that you’ve taken a moment to appreciate the talent and ingenuity put into something as unique as the Falcon Kestrel why not enjoy the ride.

Let’s conclude this little journey with a glimpse into Shinya Kimura‘s thoughts on his own creations. I admire Shinya greatly for his back-to-basics approach and love for each of his creations. The man doesn’t even sketch out his ideas before hand (imagine Paul Jr. trying to build a bike without a 3D CAD rendering), he develops them as he shapes metal in his hands forming it as his vision develops. Skill, talent, passion.

There are many more motorcycle artists such as these gentlemen, so the next time you see a “custom” motorcycle take a close look at it and see if you can observe the passion poured into it by it’s builder and find that little piece of himself he puts into each one of his works of art.


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