Dusting of Snow

Contrasts of the Sonoran Desert

After a wonderful storm Saturday night we made a trip toward Four Peaks on Sunday afternoon to enjoy the dusting of snow the surrounding mountains had gotten. Unfortunately, we were unable to reach the Four Peaks area due to a traffic accident but we made the most of it anyway.

Dusting of Snow

Four Peaks in White

It’s amazing how quickly the snow disappears when the sun comes out as can be seen by the difference in snow between these two photos taken two hours apart.

Touch of Pink

Four Peaks Pink on White

One of the things that makes this a great place to live (yeah, I occasionally convince myself this is true) is the wonderful contrast found in the Sonoran Desert. This stately saguaro stands tall regardless of the snow capped peaks behind it.

Contrast in the Desert

Contrast in the Sonoran Desert

There was a light dusting of snow atop the Superstition Mountains and Weaver’s Needle to the east as well.

Snow Capped Superstitions

Snow Capped Superstitions

Last Light

Last Light on the Superstitions


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