Face Off

Playing with Light

For no reason whatsoever I found myself playing with light. Nothing spectacular, but in the end I liked these two images. Sometimes this is what I do, I just grab my camera and some props and start playing around just to see what I come up with. Sometimes I get lucky and actually learn something along the way, sometimes I just waste a lot of pixels for no apparent reason. I really like LED lighting and usually put half a dozen or more LED flashlights to use, but on this day I chose to stick to the strobes.

I particularly like the first image because it’s manufacturer neutral. While I don’t give a darn who makes the camera in my hands I get tired of the age-old argument about which manufacturer is better. Long ago when my life evolved around automobiles I found myself in the same situation. Everyone around me was arguing about which of the big three was better. My stance was, and still is, they all stink equally. That’s right, all of them. No, I’m not saying American iron is poor quality, I’m saying all manufacturers of whatever gizmo or widget is being discussed stinks. In most cases, equally. All of them, every single one, could be doing a better job at something. Period. Nothing else matters. Therefore, they are all on a level playing field. Each has strengths, each has weaknesses. Each is unique to some extent. It doesn’t matter which one you choose as long as it makes you happy and you get enjoyment or purposeful use out of it. Wow, this wasn’t suppose to turn into an observations post, just a couple of photos for fun. Oh well, I find it impossible to fit into the “no opinion” category.

Shadow Giants

Shadow Giants

Which came first? The hotshoe flash, or the camera? Just kidding. Don’t take me so seriously.

Face Off

Face Off


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