Clutch Basket

I Got Distracted

I’ve been working on a personal photography project to document the tools used by varying professions. During the photo shoot of tools used by a motorcycle mechanic I found myself completely distracted by the nifty mechanical things the tools are used on. A sampling is provided here. I could have spent much more time photographing pistons, cams, cylinder bores, and lots of other goodies. I have to admit that I learned a lesson though, when I have a limited amount of time I need to complete the primary task first, then it’s ok to get distracted by the more fascinating things. I spent far too much time lost in my fascinations and not focusing on the task at hand. I obtained a few shots of what I was supposed to but may revisit this one down the road again, this time without losing focus. Hopefully.

All of the photos are from the same 500cc Kawasaki parallel twin. It is believed the engine has somewhere between 25,000 and 30,000 miles on it (the odometer was MIA at the time). Look at all that nasty carbon build-up on the piston dome and in the combustion chamber. Oh how this make me long for the days of clean regular leaded gasoline that didn’t carbon things up so quickly or badly. This engine was run only on supreme unleaded gasoline. I can’t imagine how bad it would look if it had been run on regular unleaded. I have seen far worse than this in cars but usually at higher mileage. I’m not used to seeing carbon build-up like this in a motorcycle engine that is more finely tuned than most automobile engines.


Some fun photos (well, I had fun making them at least) of the primary drive chain, clutch basket, and a few of the gears from the constant mesh transmission.

Primary Drive
Clutch BasketConstant Mesh



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