Jeep in the rocks

I Am Done with Ubuntu Linux

That’s right. I’m done. It won’t happen soon enough though. I figure I’ll give Linux one more chance by trying Fedora or some other flavor but if that experience is anything like this one has been I am done with Linux altogether. I converted all of my home computers to Linux a few years ago because I was tired of having to constantly manage our Windows machines. I wanted a ‘set it and forget it’ environment. I don’t want to have to think about whether or not the wife or kids have applied the necessary updates and patches. I don’t want to have to fix things when a patch breaks something. For the family computer Ubuntu 9.04 has fit the bill perfectly. Yeah, I know it’s no longer supported but it still works and I haven’t had to touch it since installing it.

My own computer is a different story. I don’t mind tinkering with mine a little bit. However, I spent a considerable amount of time researching and doing all sorts of things to get the photo applications I wanted working in Ubuntu 10.04. Nothing Canonical included out of the box filled my needs leaving me to figure out how to get the most recent versions of the applications I used. And then installing the necessary dependencies, compiling the code, and crossing my fingers I didn’t break something else in an attempt to get one thing working correctly. Even then I still had many limitations to deal with.

Attempting to process some images from a recent off-road excursion pushed me over the edge. I was done dealing with these limitations. In researching how to fix them I discovered Canonical decided to actually make a few current versions of software available in Natty Narwhal (Ubuntu 11.04). As I pondered my predicament I decided to take the plunge and give it a try. Boy, was that a mistake. Who could possibly have thought the Unity desktop is a good idea? What kind of contaminated crack were they smoking? I can’t get application shortcuts to pin to the launcher. It’s a five or six step process to access my most frequently used photo applications. Shortcuts (if they can be called that) are hidden deeply in the most ridiculous application menu I have ever seen. If Canonical’s goal was to stop the trending of Linux growth outpacing Windows growth Natty Narwhal should surely help with that. Natty Narwhal has not only made me dislike Ubuntu with near hatred it has me missing the days of a Windows based computer when there either was or wasn’t an application that met my needs. Not, there is an application but there are forty dependencies and installing this one breaks this other application and you must install them in a certain order and you can’t compile this because you lack that. I haven’t spent so much time in the command line since MS-DOS 3.

Maybe it’s because Ubuntu’s target audience is the average user who wouldn’t go through nearly what I’ve gone through to not really accomplish what I was trying to accomplish to begin with. Maybe it’s because the average user wouldn’t want to do what I’m wanting to do. If that’s the case then I’m sure there are plenty of happy Ubuntu users out there (my family is very happy with Ubuntu 9.04—the Jaunty Jackalope—maybe it’s a southwest thing; note we’ve chosen to skip out on upgrading Ubuntu on that pc).

So now you know why you’ve seen fewer images from me lately (that, a lack of inspiration, and a lot of other things going on) and why you won’t be seeing any from me in the near future. In order to work with my photographs in Ubuntu I’m forced to work only with the jpg’s leaving my ability to adjust, tweak, and have fun with my images in post processing to a little saturation, contrast, and sharpening adjustment. Not my idea of fun. Not my idea of control. If I wanted that I’d have a point and shoot and use Irfanview on Windows.

So here it is, the last one for a while unless something strikes my muse and I don’t want or need to do much post processing. There’s a better version but thanks to software that doesn’t work properly and the fact that no one out there has either encountered the same problem or shared a solution I gave up. A full day moving from the Lucid Lynx to the Natty Narwhal and still things don’t work correctly. I give up. I suppose that’s why I’m giving the Story a Day in May challenge a go, I only need a web browser for that. Thanks for tolerating my rant, now back to your regularly scheduled program.

Jeep on the rocks

Jeep...on the Rocks



  1. Scott · May 17, 2011

    I am not fond of natty either. You could just go to login and check Ubuntu classic. AI don’t think there will ever be a perfect os since people have different likes. I have run windows os x and Linux. I will take Linux anyway. After dealing Linux’s speed, see if you can go back to the clunky insecure windows. You might have forgot how bad it really is.

  2. Michael · July 24, 2011

    I’m with you, man. Just upgraded to 11.x and it’s destroyed my system. I can’t believe this is touted as a viable operating system. Hilarious!

  3. Geek Dog · September 17, 2011

    You’re correct in all aspects. People are overwhelmed with migration fatigue. Unity takes the cake.

    Instead of making it easy for the average Joe, Shuttleworth and his egocentric Bacon-Head have somehow re-invented and broken the wheel at the same time. Nevertheless; they’ve screwed the pooch for the last time. Unity is a worthless mess of broken pieces. Users have had it with rocky roads and are headed back to the pavement.

    We’re all so sick of the mindless broken new releases; one after another after another. Not a single one of them works out of the box. There is no box; just a ton of loose ends left over for the FOSS community to pick up and attempt to tie together. Ubuntu has become synonymous with junk. It’s lost it’s luster and appeal. Its now just another box of broken Linux tinker-toys. Good grief it’s been almost a decade and they can’t see past their own noses. (Maybe if they pointed them at something other than the ceiling.)

    Why don’t they give the masses something that works for once. Not some piece of crap OS with ‘drag along luggage’ thats labeled …”Some Assembly Required”.

    As for enterprise computing; Well….The corporate world has laughed Microsoft out the door since Vista. And the light never when on in Shuttleworth’s head; go figure. Shuttleworth must think he’s God’s gift to the computer world. In reality he’s just a “ I got lucky in marketing” and then “screwed it all up” kind of guy.

    He’s trying to gig Mac and Win-8 in the ribs when he should have designed a stable system and stuck with it. You can’t side step into the ‘Phone-Toy and ‘Pad-Toy market without it.

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