Weston's Ratty

Weston's Rat Rod

I have seen this fabulous rat rod parked in the driveway of Dahn Automotive in downtown Chandler for some time but every time it’s there I either don’t have my camera (shame on me) or don’t have time (“if [Einstein] hadn’t been such a horndog we’d all have time machines by now”). Last week was my lucky moment when I noticed it parked there late in the afternoon. While the light was working against me (high, piercing sun from the southwest) I stopped and made the most of the opportunity anyway.

Weston Dahn, the proprietor of Dahn Automotive, was more than gracious and not only allowed me to crawl around this beauty but gave me a peek at his rock crawler as well. I felt right at home.

Weston's Ratty

Weston's Ratty

In addition to being one of the coolest rat rod’s I’ve recently seen, it’s propane powered to boot. Can’t go wrong with an environmentally friendly rod.

Environmental Rat

Environmental Rat

I’ve posted a few more images over on Flickr. I look forward to having another opportunity to shoot this beauty under better lighting conditions.



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