My New Favorite Camera

Seems I take as many, if not more, photographs with my phone lately than I do with my real camera. It’s nice having a half way decent camera with me all the time. I wish it did create slightly higher quality image files but I’m just happy to finally have a phone with me that has a decent camera and some fun apps to go with it. My happiest tech moment this year was the day my Blackberry died and I replaced it with the Android powered HTC EVO. My favorite camera apps are Camera 360 (free version) and LittlePhoto.


Buddy (RIP 5/28/11)


Some building in Washington, D.C. (operator error chopped the top off)

Desert Flora

Desert Vista

Not Leaving No Trace

Failing my guiding principle when in the outdoors (Leave No Trace) I left a bit of cast iron behind (need more ground clearance)


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