Arizona Highways June 2011 Newsletter Screenshot

Arizona Highways Fan Photo of the Month!

Arizona Highways June 2011 Newsletter Screenshot

Screenshot of June 2011 Arizona Highways Hiking Newsletter courtesy of Arizona Highways

While perusing Flickr a while back I noticed a new group for Arizona Highways Magazine, Arizona Highways BONUS Flickr Challenge: Your Hiking Photos. On a whim I decided to toss my photo of the Superstitions from Lost Dutchman State Park into the mix. Imagine my surprise when I received the June hiking newsletter and found my photo. Thanks Arizona Highways! If you don’t know what Arizona Highways Magazine is I highly suggest you head to your nearest magazine retailer or library to check one out, then make the investment and subscribe. It is one of the last print magazine I subscribe to and read on a regular basis. Arizona Highways Magazine has contained premier photography from world-renowned photographers for decades. Subscribing not only provides you with some great articles and fabulous photos every month but sends a little bit toward our state parks who are in dire need of finances at this time. The family and I spend a great deal of time in our state parks throughout the year so it’s just one more thing I can do to help keep them open for our use.

I captured the photo on a wonderful spring morning when we were out for an early family hike. On this particular day we covered part of Siphon Draw, Prospector’s View, and the south branch of trail #56. One of the great blessings of the east valley is being so close to Lost Dutchman, Usery, and the Salt River (too bad the blistering hot sun renders them not so usable much of the year).

Lost Dutchman State Park


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