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The Jeep is Killing my Photography

That’s right, the Jeep is killing my photography. You see, I had a mid-week day off (kind of) this week and when I got home from a meeting this afternoon the family wanted to go out for an adventure. I’m always up for an adventure so we went through the usual routine of getting all our stuff together and loading up in the Jeep for a ride to who knows where. This routine includes loading up my photography backpack and tripod because I can’t go anywhere without making a photo of something. Or at least that used to be the case. Lately I’m just too busy driving to make photos. I like to drive. I’m a driver. Always have been. Anyway, we did get out for some on foot exploring so I took the time to snap the Jeep at rest. I just can’t decide if it’s the one tire off the ground getting the rest or the other three on the ground. Either way, we had another awesome day exploring in the Jeep. And surprisingly enough, 109°F in the Jeep really doesn’t feel that hot when we’re having fun!

Flex It


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