Gyrocam onboard ZX-10R at the Nurburgring

Gyrocam at the Nurburgring

Take a ride around the Nurburgring on a Kawasaki ZX-10R courtesy of Bridgestone and Kawasaki Racing. For what it’s worth, there’s finally a video that shows riders how it’s suppose to look when they are at the controls. I remember years ago listening to my father coach new riders telling them “pretend the top of your helmet is attached to the sky by a string; when you lean into a corner your head stays upright.” A lesson he began continually reinforcing on new riders after seeing enough dump their new street bike after a few corners because they were keeping their head at the same angle as the bike completely disrupting their equilibrium. Anyway, it’s a great video, enjoy.

YouTube Video: GYROCAM Onboard Video Nordschleife – Rekordfahrt ZX-10R


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