Isle of Man TT

Real Road Racing

Those who know me know there is only one real road race in the world that really matters and that is the Isle of Man TT. This is a pretty decent video compilation from the event. While a few scenes are replayed too many times, overall it is a good video. When I watch the wobble of the bikes over some of the sections of the course I can instantly recall doing a flying w at about a buck twenty and my wrists hitting the fuel tank so hard I was afraid I’d broken at least one of them. Thankfully, no injuries and I pulled out of it. My very next purchase was a GPR steering damper. No more wobbles for me (mostly).

YouTube video: Na granicy śmierci On the Brink of Death

For those wondering what a “flying w” is, here’s a short video to give you an idea. Flying w’s don’t always end in a crash but often do (the flying w begins at around 12 seconds).

YouTube video: The Flying W


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