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Old Time Neon Signs

Sun Land Motel

One of our favorite family movies is Cars. Not just because it’s a great movie but because our favorite family activity is a road trip. It doesn’t matter how near or far we are travelling, sometimes we just like to get in the car and see where the road leads us. We recently took one of these trips down Main St. enjoying the few remaining classic neon signs. We even reminisced about the diving lady who no longer dives. Then I recently came across this article indicating the restoration of one of the most famous neon signs on Main St. is progressing nicely but is in need of additional financial support.

It’s nice to see that in our modern, technology is everything world we haven’t completely forgotten about the past and where we came from. Sometimes it is worth hanging onto pieces of history, keeping them around for future generations to experience. Understanding previous generations and other cultures always comes easier when some part of it can be experienced rather than just read about.

Circle RB Guest Lodge

Here’s to hoping current and future generations don’t forget where they have come from or where those who paved the way before them came from. Here’s to hoping generations of the future don’t completely eradicate evidence of the industrial revolution, the introduction and mass consumption of the automobile, old neon, over the air AM and FM radio stations, and full service gas stations (you know, the kind that had repair shops inside – my kids were baffled by the garage doors on an abandoned gas station we stopped at). Yeah, I’m thinking a little bit into the future (like The Jetson’s future) but all these things are major pieces of our culture from the not-so-distant past as well as today. Things that shaped family activities, formed relationships, launched careers, sank empires, and moved an entire nation. Here’s to history, may it be written as powerfully as it has been to live.



  1. Jay · August 29, 2011

    I always like the iconic neon signs. They still do there job today!!! Hope to see more neon signs be refurbished.

    • JackAZ · August 31, 2011

      I couldn’t agree more. Initially I thought it was just me being nostalgic but as we were driving down Main St. the kids pointed out how bland all the modern signs are when compared to the few remaining neon signs. Would like to see more restored and a few new ones from time to time.

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