Fire in the Sky Over Jeep

Hot Temperatures and My Digital Camera Sensor

Fire in the Sky Over Jeep

Fire in the Sky

Late this afternoon the family decided the temperature had dropped enough to head out for a dusk Jeeping adventure. As the sun drifted below the horizon I just had to capture this moment. Sadly the camera bag had been in the back of the Jeep for the past two hours of very slow going, sandy, tight trails. I can only image what kind of temperatures it had been exposed to since the ambient temperature was hovering around 109°F and the bag was sitting almost directly above the catalytic converter (only the hottest part of the entire exhaust system – most catalytic converters have an average operating temperature around 1,200°F). As you can see, the sensor was just a little hot. Oh well. Time to find a different way of carrying the camera in the Jeep. Short of kicking a family member out I’m not sure what I’ll come up with. Maybe I’ll just stop carrying the camera with me on our Jeeping adventures since I rarely stop to make a photo anyway. I hate not having the camera though. Hot pixels and all I wouldn’t want to have missed this moment. I’m sure I’ll come up with something after thinking about it for a while (child for sale…cheap!).

Cross Processed

Hot Pixels!

For those that are curious, the below image is a 100% crop from the original raw file of the above image with no post processing done to it.

100% crop sample

100% crop - Hot Pixels!


One comment

  1. Scott Wood · September 3, 2011

    Ouch. It makes an interesting image, but is so hard on the sensor.

    I did something like that in Tucson a couple years ago. Shot a 1400 sequence for a time lapse with an outside temp of 110. I couldn’t touch the camera when it was done.

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