RSS Awareness

Subscribe to Your Own Blog

RSS Awareness

If you have a blog or other website that has a RSS feed or other means of subscribing you should be subscribing to your own blog or site. I know, there are some who are thinking, “why would I subscribe to content I create?” It’s a matter of awareness. I recently began receiving what was obviously spam from a friends blog. Post after post after post within a few hours. Not only was the content not in line with his blog but the time frame for the posts didn’t match his routine. Even when your posting is erratic your readers become accustomed to it and notice something is amiss when things change. In this case, his blog had been compromised and was now the tool of spammers

Without subscribing to your own blog how long would it take you to notice? Are you going to count on your readers to post a comment? If you are, you are really hoping for a lot. Not that your readers don’t care, but because when they believe your blog has been compromised the last thing they are going to do is interact with your site. Hence the importance of subscribing to your own blog/website. It wasn’t until this incident that I realized the importance of subscribing to my own content. I have always subscribed to ensure the layout of the content is acceptable and that the feed is working. I hadn’t considered subscribing to my own content as a means of security awareness until now. So go subscribe to every site you create content on that allows you to. This includes sites such as Flickr, 500px, and others. You may not have noticed before, but it is possible to subscribe to your own content on these sites, often different feeds for different types of content or information. It’s worth your time if for no other reason than a peace of mind that should something happen you become aware fairly quickly rather than the next time you publish content and find you can no longer log in or your content has all changed.


One comment

  1. Scott Wood · September 3, 2011

    I have been subscribed to my own blog since I started it. Not only does it let me know if spam on into the mix, but it also lets me make sure that the feed looks the way I want it to for my readers.

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