Occupying All My Time


Ok, so it isn’t really occupying all of my time but it sure seems to consume a lot of it. Commuting, working on it, off roading with the family, washing and vacuuming it, and making photos of it. I had no idea a Jeep would take up so much of my time. Of course, I really don’t mind most of it. Sure, I’d like a shorter commuter but I like where we live and am happy where I work so that won’t change any time soon. There are times when I wish it required a little less work, but I knew a certain amount of work would accompany a twelve year old vehicle. Of course, some of that work are little customizations and improvements I make on my own. I’m still very surprised at how much I enjoy driving the Jeep, even commuting back and forth to work. I never would have thought I wouldn’t absolutely hate commuting in a Jeep. I guess I now understand “It’s a Jeep thing, you wouldn’t understand.”


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