Cutest Mario Ever!

A Little Halloween Fun

Yeah, they are a day (or so) late and I really don’t have an excuse because there wasn’t much Halloween action in the neighborhood this year. Prior to Halloween I was feeling a bit guilty because I usually do something fun (or frightening) for the kids in the front yard or driveway but this year I just didn’t have any motivation so I didn’t. Meanwhile, one of my neighbors decided to go all out this year. Well, I feel bad for him because hardly anyone came out last night so I’m glad I didn’t put any effort into anything for no one to come around and enjoy it. A few photos I snapped while hanging out Halloween night.

Cutest Mario Ever!

This little guy has to be the cutest Mario I've ever seen (and this year I saw a lot - just not on Halloween).

Fright Night Kid

Post processing performed by my six year old.

Fright Night Kid

Since when do flesh eating zombie football players smile?


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