The Rock

The Rock

When I initially pulled up the raw file for processing I was leaning heavily towards monochrome processing of this rock. However, as I completed the black and white conversion I wasn’t happy with the result even though I had worked it through the process multiple times. While I was happier with the most recent result it still wasn’t what my mind’s eye had envisioned. So I took the leap and processed a color version of this image. I’ve posted both so you can be the judge, personally, I prefer the color version.

The Rock

Below is the result of a lot of experimenting, adjusting, and attempting a lot of different things to make this rock look good in black and white. I wasn’t able to produce the result I wanted and felt I was losing too much of the contrast of the lower portion of the rock so I processed the above color version that I am much happier with. Of course, your opinions and comments are appreciated.

The Rock - B&W


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