Victorian Fantasy Fashion Show at Steampunk Street III

Steampunk Street III

The family and I ventured out for Mesa’s Second Friday in downtown for Steampunk Street III which just happened to coincide with Mesa Old West Days. Much to my surprise the Steampunk crowd far outnumbered the Cowboy crowd. After enjoying the Red Mountain Bluegrass Band we ventured over to the OneOhOne Gallery for the Victorian Fantasy Fashion Show. It was standing (and sitting on the floor along the runway) room only spilling over into the next room (completely filling it). I was blown away by the size of the crowd. Probably three times as many people than were in attendance at the SciFi Fashion Show in September. Not much success photographically speaking but we had a lot of fun. Meandering along Main St. was just as much of a surprise as it was lined with vendors peddling Steampunk wares. So mush so that it convinced the wife Steampunk will be our theme for Halloween next year. Here are a couple of photos from the event, more can be found over on my Flickr stream (which is no longer tied into the RSS feed for the blog – sorry for any inconvenience – here’s the RSS for the Flickr stream).

Queen of the Victorian Fashion Scene

Deep in SteamThought

Steampunk Armament


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