Eddy & Sydney

Eddy & Sydney Engagement Session

Some of you may know that my photography interests have varied slightly over the past year. When I initially got a camera in my hands again my interest was mostly in landscapes and car shows. I eventually began doing some event photography but mostly still focused on landscapes and cars. I really didn’t have any interest in photographing people other than at events (snapshots of the kids excluded).

As time progressed my interests slowly shifted and I found myself very interested in photographing people. I began studying the work of portrait photographers which eventually led me to no longer looking at humans the same way (or movies/tv shows for that matter). My wife is surely tired of watching television with me, especially Arizona Highways Television, as I’m always commenting on the lighting and what may have been done to achieve the result. My interest in Arizona Highways Television shifted from the segments about all the great things to do and see in Arizona to the magnificent lighting of Robin Sewell during the intros and recaps. If you haven’t seen Arizona Highways Television I highly recommend you take thirty minutes of your time and learn a little about Arizona. And, if you are a photographer immerse yourself in the lighting when Robin introduces the show and each segment and again when she recaps the show. Quite possibly the best lighting I’ve ever seen.

Anyway, that was quite a segue into what is my first real people shoot. I present to you Eddy and Sydney, a stunning and remarkable young couple embarking on this great adventure we call life. I had so much fun shooting with them I’m considering a second round at another location. They were great sports, enduring my sense of humor and the occasional, “oops, forgot to change the camera settings.” I had a really good time capturing these images for them. I concluded the afternoon with a couple of sixty-second portraits (unbeknownst to them) that turned out great (well, one is a thirty-second portrait – remember what I said about camera settings earlier?).

I think the most fun of this session was interacting with them and watching them interact with each other. They were relaxed and themselves which made my job easier, a lot of fun, and really lets their personalities shine through in the photos. Who knew photographing people could be so much fun?

Eddie & Sydney

Eddie & Sydney

Eddie & Sydney


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