Malcolm Smith

My 2012 Presidential Candidate

He’s got more qualifications than any other candidate. From his campaign bio:

American off-road legend, star of On Any Sunday, multi-time Baja 500 and 1000 winner and eight-time ISDT gold medalist. He ruled the golden age of motorcycling and now he’s ready to rule America. Malcolm for President!

Awards: 6x Baja 1000 winner, 4x Baja 500 winner, 8x ISDT gold medals, 2x Mint 400 winner, 2x Roof of Africa Rallye winner, Atlas Rallye winner.

Surprisingly, his campaign team has left out one of the coolest things about him. Malcolm Smith was Steve McQueen‘s riding buddy (or maybe I’m a bit biased since both were kind of heroes of mine when I was a kid). Now, go watch On Any Sunday and cast your vote for my favorite ride-in candidate!

YouTube video: Malcolm Smith for President


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