Richard Radstone's 365 Strangers/365 Days

I don’t know what took me so long to share this, but for some reason I am just now getting around to sharing this great project. Photographer, film maker, and director Richard Radstone has taken on the task of capturing an image and a few words from a stranger every day for a year. I came across his project shortly after he started it last fall and haven’t missed a posting since. Truly something I should have shared long ago. You know what they say, when we are old and dying it is not what we did that we regret, but what we didn’t do. On that note, I had as good a chance as I’ll likely ever have to meet Richard and procrastinated that moment away. Anyway, here’s his project, I highly suggest following it. The posts are fascinating as Richard meets new people and shares their words with us. Take a few moments and go subscribe so you don’t miss a single post, Richard hasn’t.


Screenshot from Richard's website (Credit: Richard Radstone)


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