100 Years, 100 Ranchers

100 Years 100 Ranchers Photo Exhibition at PHX Terminal 4

100 Years, 100 RanchersTime is running out on your opportunity to get to see the Scott Baxter photo exhibition, 100 Years 100 Ranchers, on display until May 13, 2012 throughout the third level of terminal four at Sky Harbor International Airport thanks to the Phoenix Airport Museum. An exhibition you don’t want to miss. I have been enthralled with Scott’s project since discovering it last year. Seeing the prints in person is entirely worth the drive to the airport and the few bucks for primo parking at terminal four. I’m taking the family later this week and who knows, I might even treat them to some good old fashioned airport food. Oh wait, airport food is a thing of the past thanks to the influx of chain restaurants into airport terminals.

You can still read the press release announcing the opening and even see photos from said event. For those that may be intimidated by an exhibit that spans ten display locations there is this handy map to help you navigate the third level of terminal four.

I can’t emphasize enough just how exceptional this photo exhibit is so just get out there and go see some fantastic photography documenting a century of Arizona ranching. Of all the Arizona Centennial projects, in my opinion, this is the absolute best. Arizona’s ranching heritage won’t disappear into oblivion like much of its agricultural heritage has. Thank you Scott Baxter for sharing your wonderful work with us!


The Crossing – A Photo Essay by Andrew Pielage

Crossing the Sonoran Desert, within a mile of the United States/Mexico border, my thoughts drifted back and forth between the stark, lonesome beauty this desert is known for and the realization that humans, for thousands of years, have been crossing its almost completely barren and waterless landscape in search of a better life. — Andrew Pielage

Andrew Pielage’s two part series, The Crossing, about his three day journey across the Sonoran Desert is a must read. Through Andrew’s lens and words you will get to experience the barren starkness of the Sonoran Desert while simultaneously taking in its vast beauty. Andrew narrates a story that not only provides the reader with a sense of being there but accompanies those words with photos that put the reader on location. Taking into account the inherent risks associated with traveling the most dangerous portions of the Sonoran Desert, Andrew’s photo essay is a stellar example of story telling. Go. Read it. Now.

The Crossing— Part I
The Crossing— Part II


Eye in the sky traffic report…

The morning commute looks clear, oh wait, the morning commute was over hours ago. If only this was how I actually commuted to work. Sure would make the commute interesting, fun, and quick.

Mid-morning commute

Mid-morning commute

I love being able to not only communicate with the pilot and other passengers but being able to hear communications with air traffic control as well.