Pricey Pricey

A Walk Along Tempe Town Lake

Took an evening walk along the north shore of Tempe Town Lake. We were hoping for some nice storm activity as radar simulations showed a decent size storm moving in but it took a detour south of town. The clouds made for a great time hanging out at the lake anyway. While sitting on a bench enjoying the weather (it was still over 100° F but the clouds allowed us to pretend it wasn’t) I couldn’t help but notice how the sun was shining through a break in the clouds lighing up the Ocotillo Power Plant.

Ocotillo Power Plant

Just below ‘A’ mountain sits what are possibly the priciest condominiums in the east valley. I have to admit, the view, especially from the top, must be magnificent.

Pricey Pricey

Looking a bit west makes for a nice pano that includes the first high rises to be built on the lake front and the new Mill Avenue bridge.

Tempe Town Lake High Rises

Anytime I find myself at Tempe Town Lake I can’t help but capture the underbelly of at least one jet passing overhead. Usually they are on final approach to Phoenix Sky Harbor but today we were under the departure pattern. As I looked up I liked how the jets were passing over the power lines on departure.

Between the Lines

This was the first time I’ve pulled out the 70-300mm in a long time. I had forgotten how light it is and how superbly sharp it is for being such a budget lens.


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