Creative Saves

Two things I have begun diving into more since transitioning to Photoshop and adding a Wacom Intuos tablet to my arsenal are creative ways to save images that are just slightly off. I didn’t originally set out to do this, I was originally working on digital paintings and stuff of that sort when it occurred to me that some of these same creative tools could be used to save an image that is just slightly off as a photograph. You know the kind I’m talking about, it’s a little soft because your focal point was a bit off, your composition was skewed to some extent, or some other technical reason you won’t share the photo. In many cases these are great snapshots, just not great photographs. This image falls into this category. It was a quick grab when my wife was kind enough to pull over and let me jump out of the car to grab this shot. There was a fairly strong wind and admittedly I was rushing trying not to hold the family up too much (they are always so patient with me and the ridiculous things I photograph). The quality of the captured image didn’t qualify it for immediate deletion but it wasn’t something I could share. I don’t know what inspired me but something struck me one day to give this photo a go and see how creative I could get in salvaging it. The funny thing is with all the work I had been doing in Photoshop and making the most of having a tablet to really get creative it was an iPad app that salvaged this photo. I was looking at the photo on my iPad trying to figure out what to do with it. Coincidentally I had recently downloaded PencilFX but had not given it a try yet. A few adjustments later I had what you see here and was very happy with it. It is amazing how far digital post processing has come, especially when you consider this was processed on a mobile device. I’ve said it before, this is a very exciting time for photography, not only because the act of capturing an image is more accessible than ever before but also because the ability to salvage, rescue, improve, and manipulate is nearly just as accessible.



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