Sax Man and K9 Companion

Something New Looms on the Horizon

I won’t divulge any secrets just yet, but something new is looming on the horizon. For those that have loyally and patiently waited through a drawn out period of medical intermissions and general inactivity, that should hopefully be changing soon. As regular readers have already noticed, I’ve managed a few posts more frequently than in the past. I’ve been very busy in meat space (and still dealing with the medical issues – like a trusty dog, they will always be with me), but am preparing to embark on a new chapter in life and a new adventure. In preparation for this I’ve had to learn lots of new things (my transition from Linux to Windows was short lived, I’m writing this on a Mac – kind of feel like I sold me soul, not because Apple is evil, but because I went all in). In addition to this change I’ve also been eying a different camera system for the past few months. While I have loved my Olympus cameras I have found myself at a crossroads being torn between my love for them and my imaging needs. While I’m sure the two will never completely align they’ve reached a point where something had to give. I will keep posting and occasionally drop subtle hints at what is coming, so don’t give up on me, it’s just that I can only manage so many things at a time.

Sax Man and K9 Companion

Sax Man and K9 Companion


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