Eye Detail

Eyeing the Details

I have not had much time with the new Sony a99 but used it for a lighting test yesterday along with the Sony 100mm f2.8 macro lens. They are quite a nice combination. In my brief experience with Sony’s new flagship full-frame digital camera I have been quite impressed. Noise up to ISO 6400 is either non-existent (the lower end) or completely useable and acceptable (the upper end). Even jpeg images at ISO 6400 straight out of the camera are useable. This shot was just to take a glance at the detail capabilities of this particular lens. I’m very happy with it as the sharpness is quite nice. I’m hoping to spend more time getting to know the Sony a99 in December and will write more about my experience with it then. For now, enjoy a little detail shot of one of my favorite human organs (on one of my favorite humans).

Eye Detail

I intentionally placed the light in a location that put it across from the beautiful brown streak as if it is pointing the viewer in that direction but also where the catchlight itself was fully within the iris. Lighting was a Paul C. Buff Alien Bee 800 in a silver beauty dish with diffuser sock to camera left.


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