Switzerland of America

Parting Shot

For those readers who are motorcycle fans I’m sure you’ll catch the reference in the title to the last page of Sportrider Magazine. For those that aren’t familier, Parting Shot was traditionally a photo that was weird, odd, out of place, or of a staff member (or professional racer) doing something dumb (like crashing a test bike). The photo was accompanied by a creative fictional story that sometimes made the photo more interesting and sometimes had nothing to do with it whatsoever. My parting shot for this website is a brief glimpse of one of my favorite little towns in America; Ouray, Colorado. Some day I will live there. Maybe. Maybe not. Either way, if I were headed to the Rocky Mountains, Ouray, Colorado is the place for me. The tiny town has grown up a lot since I spent time there as a teenager but I’m still drawn to it nevertheless. Besides, you can’t beat the drive from Durango to Ouray, nor can you beat the breathtaking views anywhere and everywhere within a hundred mile radius.

I want to thank my family for allowing me the time to occasionally post something and usually reading it and giving me feedback on it. I also want to thank my regular readers who kept returning even when my posting became so sporadic cob webs began to spring up around the site. It’s been a fun experience and I enjoyed sharing my writing and photography with you. A lot has changed in my life since I began this site. Who knows, maybe I will spring up somewhere around the web again in the future (I was getting a lot of pressure to turn the adventures of Ramon and Serrapio into a novel — or maybe a web mini-series of sorts) and you know I’m not going to put the camera down so there will always be more images to share. For now, I bid you adieu. Vaya con Dios.

Switzerland of America

Looking Out

Box Canyon Falls Overlook


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