It was quite hazy on this late July afternoon but the colors cast across the Superstitions were magnificent. I prefer the monochrome version because the contrast of it really brings out the beauty that is the Superstitions. Besides, no one ever believes that these beauties can be orange, pink, magenta, or (most often) purple depending on the light.

I am embarking on an adventure in the morning and will attempt to post something here if I get someplace that has free wi-fi. Posts will most likely be short as I tried to cut the tip of the index finger on my left hand off while loading the vehicle for a charity shoot this past Friday (I don’t like doing things the easy way). Or, more likely, they will be coming from my phone and I hate typing with my thumbs. If there is cell service I should at least manage to get something up on Instagram and possibly Flickr even if I don’t manage to get anything posted here. In the mean time the site will remain in the horribly deconstructed state it is currently in while I ponder whether or not I want to stick with a WordPress site or move on to something else (enough bad experiences with WordPress hosts has me leaning toward moving on – nothing against WordPress as a platform).


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