A Bit of History

My interest in photography started around the age of six when my parents gave me a Kodak 110. I eventually graduated through a Polaroid One Step and Spirit 600 when my parents tired of trips to the developer for prints. As a teenager I worked in a print shop, specifically in the dark room, where I used a purpose built large format camera to photograph and develop the negatives of the artwork in preparation for print. In my later teen years I’d swipe my dad’s Canon AE-1 Program from him when I could, eventually kidnapping it when I moved off to school (it took him almost a year before he noticed it was gone). He managed to get it back leading to a long period in my life void of photography. Of course, I was busy getting educated, married, starting a career, and a family so it’s not like I didn’t have enough to do in my life.

I doodled a lot as a kid and eventually put my doodling skills somewhat to use when I came in second place in a mural contest (only one mural was painted though) and one of my drawings was used for the poster and program art for a motocross track. The rest of my drawings most likely went up in smoke (it was cold in the winter) on the back of all too often unused chemistry notes (or trig, or history—you get the idea).

After nearly twenty years of shooting nothing more than family snapshots my wife decided she wanted a new camera for a family road trip we were planning. She chose the Olympus E-510 DSLR and once it was in my hands, well, the rest was history. It has been in my hands every since. Over the years I had forgotten that I enjoyed being creative and getting that DSLR in my hands brought it all back and reminded me how much I enjoyed creative things. Since then I’ve been shooting whatever is in front of me. I still have the family, day job, and lots of volunteer things I do but I’ve been able to add photography to my volunteer skills and have had the occasion to acquire a few clients for event and commercial photo shoots.

Once the wife convinced me to start sharing my photos online that eventually led to a blog (the original appeared on Blogger) which brought out even more of my creative side when I started spewing poetic (a matter of opinion) verse. Nearly three years after picking up my first DSLR and beginning to re-explore my long since buried creative side this blog is the result. It was my Christmas present in fact. You know you’re a geek when…your wife and kids give you a domain name and hosting package for Christmas.

Update Jan 2012: Since the inception of the blog not only has my interest in photography exploded but so have my photographic opportunities. Since renewing my creative journey I’ve had the opportunity to photograph two fashion shows, an engagement session and wedding, and so many events that I’ve lost count. While I have, at times, felt the pressure and monotony of photography being “work” my passion has not diminished and I continue to explore the creative side of it.


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