One From The Salton

Sonny's Sunset

My time at the Salton Sea was not at all what I expected it would be. I made very few images while there but had an incredible journey and met some fantastic people along the way.

I made this image from the Sonny Bono Wildlife Refuge. I love the isolation of the two lonely trees. Part of my journey on this trip was to use the tools at my disposal to their maximum. In this case I used graduated neutral density filters to play with the gradation of the sun’s light as it settled toward the horizon. Whoever thinks the transition line of a graduated neutral density filter must follow along the horizon is missing out on some unique and creative opportunities in their image making. Sure, there is sun flare, but I was on a journey of exploration, not trying to make the perfect photograph.


Exploring the Salton

This evening I saw one of the most spectacular sunsets I’ve seen lately. I fought the urge to grab the camera instead choosing to just take it all in. I even forced myself to leave my phone in my pocket. All after only grabbing a couple of shots with the phone today because I failed to adequately manage its power yesterday.

If you ever get a chance to see the sun set across the Chocolate Mountains make sure to keep an eye to the east. The changing colors of the already beautiful Chocolate Mountains is mesmerizing. The orange glow to the west as I write this is every bit as spectacular as one would expect for this location, however, it still doesn’t match what occurred across the Chocolate Mountains this evening.

If you haven’t caught anything I’ve posted to Instagram here are a few collages, all captured with my phone.






It was quite hazy on this late July afternoon but the colors cast across the Superstitions were magnificent. I prefer the monochrome version because the contrast of it really brings out the beauty that is the Superstitions. Besides, no one ever believes that these beauties can be orange, pink, magenta, or (most often) purple depending on the light.

I am embarking on an adventure in the morning and will attempt to post something here if I get someplace that has free wi-fi. Posts will most likely be short as I tried to cut the tip of the index finger on my left hand off while loading the vehicle for a charity shoot this past Friday (I don’t like doing things the easy way). Or, more likely, they will be coming from my phone and I hate typing with my thumbs. If there is cell service I should at least manage to get something up on Instagram and possibly Flickr even if I don’t manage to get anything posted here. In the mean time the site will remain in the horribly deconstructed state it is currently in while I ponder whether or not I want to stick with a WordPress site or move on to something else (enough bad experiences with WordPress hosts has me leaning toward moving on – nothing against WordPress as a platform).

Pardon My Mess

Two months after letting my website go due to a combination of frustration with the horrible service (and even worse customer service) from my former hosts to a lack of interest in continuing to work on the site I decided to give a try. In typical fashion I missed it once it was gone. On the upside, I’ve posted as many photos to Flickr since then as I did during half of 2012.

What hadn’t occurred to me about the transition from a site to a site is the lack of ftp access. What you see here is a result of importing the xml file from my old site but since that site is long dead there was no automated means of importing media. At the time I didn’t think this was a big deal as I planned to just ftp the files up once the xml file was imported. Doh! I have lots of media and little time to upload it, I’m just not sure how well this plan was thought through. If you caught my movie reference you have good taste in movies. Not sure where I will go from here. This little glitch certainly makes using even less appealing than it already was. I was pondering an alternative solution, I guess it’s time I research it further before committing any more time to the mess I have created here. Don’t hold your breath for anything soon as I’m going to be off the grid for a week or so. In the mean time, I’m feeling a bit like Yoda.

Sometimes The Force Just Isn't Powerful Enough

Switzerland of America

Parting Shot

For those readers who are motorcycle fans I’m sure you’ll catch the reference in the title to the last page of Sportrider Magazine. For those that aren’t familier, Parting Shot was traditionally a photo that was weird, odd, out of place, or of a staff member (or professional racer) doing something dumb (like crashing a test bike). The photo was accompanied by a creative fictional story that sometimes made the photo more interesting and sometimes had nothing to do with it whatsoever. My parting shot for this website is a brief glimpse of one of my favorite little towns in America; Ouray, Colorado. Some day I will live there. Maybe. Maybe not. Either way, if I were headed to the Rocky Mountains, Ouray, Colorado is the place for me. The tiny town has grown up a lot since I spent time there as a teenager but I’m still drawn to it nevertheless. Besides, you can’t beat the drive from Durango to Ouray, nor can you beat the breathtaking views anywhere and everywhere within a hundred mile radius.

I want to thank my family for allowing me the time to occasionally post something and usually reading it and giving me feedback on it. I also want to thank my regular readers who kept returning even when my posting became so sporadic cob webs began to spring up around the site. It’s been a fun experience and I enjoyed sharing my writing and photography with you. A lot has changed in my life since I began this site. Who knows, maybe I will spring up somewhere around the web again in the future (I was getting a lot of pressure to turn the adventures of Ramon and Serrapio into a novel — or maybe a web mini-series of sorts) and you know I’m not going to put the camera down so there will always be more images to share. For now, I bid you adieu. Vaya con Dios.

Switzerland of America

Looking Out

Box Canyon Falls Overlook

San Juan Majesty

The Final Countdown

This post marks the beginning of the end of this site. For a variety of reasons, one of which being that I have lost interest in continuing to work on the site, the site will go dark some time around December 11, 2012. I appreciate those of you that have stuck it out, tolerated my bordering on psychotic poetry, random musings, and sporadic posting schedule. Don’t unsubscribe just yet though, I might have one more post in me. For now enjoy a view of my favorite mountain range in the lower forty-eight.

San Juan Majesty

The majestic San Juan Mountains of Colorado.