Magnificent Patagonia Time Lapse

Makes me want to venture there more than ever before!

Vimeo video: Patagonia


Review – High Sierra: A Journey on the John Muir Trail

I recently had the opportunity to screen High Sierra: A Journey on the John Muir Trail and have to admit that of all the High Sierra, Yosemite, and John Muir Trail films I have watched none have given me the itch to hike like this one did. Shot in both an artistic and documentary perspective the film not only brings the beauty of the High Sierra into your living room but puts you right there on the trail. It’s no surprise this is an award winning film recognized at three film festivals. The family was so enthralled with it that we watched it three times in three days (I squeezed in one more while they slept). One of the things that makes this such a great video about trekking is that the guys doing it aren’t the typically geared out over prepared types seen in films like this. This is a group of normal guys going on a grand adventure proving wilderness expertise is not a pre-requisite to such an adventure (I’m not implying anyone can just head out there and do this at a moments notice, it takes lots of preparation and planning). Throughout the journey the viewer gets a real sense of belonging as the group shares their thoughts and feelings overcoming obstacles (both mental and physical) and succeeding despite their own doubts. The documentary, High Sierra: A Journey on the John Muir Trail, is available on Blu-ray DVD from Amazon and is worth every one of those hard earned pennies you will pay for it. Enjoy the brief trailer below then head over to the official website for more great High Sierra: A Journey on the John Muir Trail information.

I would like to thank the film’s director, Pete Bell, for exposing my family and me to this fantastic film!

YouTube video: High Sierra: A Journey on the John Muir Trail – Trailer