Windham Jump Screenshot

Kevin Windham: The Jump

If you’ve never seen a Supercross live, you have my sympathies, they are an event worth seeing in person. However, even if you aren’t a motorcycle aficionado, this short video of Kevin Windham preparing for opening ceremonies just might sway you. During opening ceremonies the top racers do all sorts of random acts including doing a stoppie on a tabletop jump (and crashing), wheelies, and magically appearing in the stands surrounded by thousands of screaming fans. It’s kind of like a full-on, two-wheeled, motorized circus. It’s awesome! The king of opening ceremonies is Kevin Windham. The video below was shot when he did a dry run of a jump he would perform during upcoming opening ceremonies. For the uninitiated, Kevin Windham is an old man by supercross standards and yet midway through his 19th supercross season he is still competitive. What you see in the video isn’t just a jump, Kevin jumps across the track (yes, across the racing lanes) covering 110 feet in the air.

Video: Kevin Windham: The Jump on Vimeo.

Icon Drift Battle 2 screenshot


I’ve never been all that fond of drifting as a form of motorsports competition but this video is down right fun. It’s well worth your time and be sure not to miss the outtakes at the end. This video had to be an absolute blast to make.

YouTube video: Motorcycle vs. Car Drift Battle 2

2011 AMA Flat Track Season in 8 Minutes

If you aren’t into motorcycle racing (heck, even if you are) the only way to really get to know the grass-roots of motorcycle racing is to attend a flat track event. Flat track always has been, and always will be, the heart from which all American racing has grown and owes its roots to. I haven’t been to a flat track race for far longer than I’d care to admit and have missed the past two season finales due to other commitments (especially disheartening this year as it was Chris Carr‘s final AMA Flat Track season). If you ever get a chance to witness a flat track race up close (hint: here’s where the 2012 AMA Pro Flat Track schedule should be appearing soon) don’t pass it up. Especially if you can get a spot on the fence. I’ve been on the sidelines of many types of racing and while all have their own unique thrill for spectators there’s nothing that compares to being on the fence of a pro flat track race at a dirt mile. Words can’t describe what it’s like to have a heard of twin cylinder Harley’s thundering past at triple digit speeds, handle bars locked, steel shoe dragging, and the rear tire ever so gingerly sliding just the right amount across the hard pack dirt surface. I’m not sure I’ve ever experience such thrill as a spectator (not even on the wall at a NHRA national). Here’s to the men (and now a woman) who man handle (yes, even the new singles class requires some manhandling) some of the most ferocious two-wheeled machines on the planet. Thanks to The Fast and Dirty for the fantastic video with a pretty darn good soundtrack to boot.

[tentblogger-vimeo 31356901]
2011 AMA Pro Flat Track Season Highlight Video on Vimeo

Lightning Motorcycles Land Speed Record 2011

Lightning Motorcycles Sets Land Speed Record

They gone and done it! That’s right, Lightning Motorcycles set a new land speed record for the electric motorcycle at a whopping 215.960 mph. Hats off to the team for an outstanding accomplishment. Spend a little time enjoying the video below, it’s worth the ride. This is quite possibly the smoothest run across the Bonneville Salt Flats I’ve ever seen from a motorcycle. Serendipity for the Lightning team! Accomplishing 200 mph on the salt flats is one of those bucket list items that I may have to accept won’t ever come to fruition. But then again, I have a lot of good years left in me!

YouTube video: Lightning Motorcycle World’s Fastest Electric SuperBike- Bonneville 2011